Oblivion's gate


After returning from their adventures on the sand-crawler, the errand boys were curious about some of the events that happened there and wanted to investigate further. however they don’t get a chance to question Nickoli whom they suspect may know something about the events. The errand boys cant catch a break as Sylvia already has a new mission for them. they travel over the mountains to an emu ranch where they find the ranch is plagued by a disease that’s killing their emu’s and then bringing them to life as flesh eating zombies. After being attacked by a group of goblins they head to where the source of the problem originated, Greenlys ranch. after an unsuccessful interrogation of Mr.Greenly, the heros manage to find a cave that disease-god worshiping gobins were inhabiting and quickly dispatch the leader.


undead Emus spitting acid in my face are no fun


:( i thought it was fun


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